Vapor Nation has an incredible selection of vaporizers, parts and accessories, Hand Pipes, Water Pipes and Bubblers etc.

Vapor Nation also carries cleaning tools, scales, vacuum storage containers and herb grinders.

In addition to a well stocked store, Vapor Nation has a knowledge base of questions and answers. Don’t know what kind of device you will need or want?

Vapor nation makes it easy to choose, with Reviews on their products. The store is neatly arranged so you can choose by price or brand or most popular.

The two products below are a tiny sample of what Vapor Nation has to offer. Click on the Image or Banner at the bottom of this Page to take a look at Vapor Nation’s entire selection.


AirVape X Portable Vaporizer

“The AirVape Xs from Apollo Vaporizers was designed to comfortably fit in your pocket or hide in your hand while boasting a rapid heat up time of 20 seconds or less–perfect for on-the-fly vaping.

With a digital temperature display, the unit can be set to the precise degree ranging from 200° to 428° F, enabling you to zero in on the best temperatures for your favorite strains or vapor styles.

The AirVape Xs is a sleek and discreet vaporizer with high-grade ceramic oven, hybrid conduction/convection system, and a glass mouthpiece, proving that good things come in small packages.


AirVape Xs features precise temp control, enabling you to pinpoint the ideal temperature for the most popular strains and vapor profiles. Lower temps create smaller, more flavorful hits. Higher temps create bigger, more robust draws.

You can also find the best temperature for unlocking the essential flavors, aromas, and effects of a specific type of dry herb strain, ensuring the highest quality vapor production.


Unlike most portable vapes, AirVape Xs features a hybrid conduction and convection system that provides the benefits of each heating style. The AirVape Xs has a medical grade ceramic oven which heats its contents beneath the point of conduction while hot air simultaneously seeps up through air holes on the baseof the herb chamber.

The dual heating style heats the bowl from all angles, thoroughly vaporizing dry herb for an efficient, enjoyable vaping experience. AirVape Xs vapor is clean-tasting, smooth, and packs intense flavor and aroma.


The AirVape Xs portable vape features an LCD display screen presenting the battery level, temperature and time remaining before the auto shut off feature kicks in and powers down the unit. This gives you complete control over your vaping sessions, letting you know when it’s time to charge, vape, or press a button to keep the auto-shut off from powering down the AirVape Xs vaporizer.

Measuring in at less than half an inch thick, the AirVape Xs is one of the thinnest vapes available, featuring  a solid aluminum build that’s durable enough for life’s wear-and-tear and still be pleasing to the touch. This super-thin portable vape also features a powerful half-convection, half-conduction heating system, and an ample sized herb chamber with a .3 gram filling capacity.


AirVape Xs features a powerful 1300mAh battery with a few unique capabilities that charges in just over an hour. AirVape Xs incorporates pass-through charging so you can vape while you’re charging. Apollo AirVape also makes a remote charging bank for the AirVape Xs (sold seperately), so you can charge wirelessly from anywhere.

AirVape X is capable of reaching temps between 200 and 428F has the power to keep you vaping through your day, with no long periods of charging.

HAPTIC FEEDBACK ALERTS the AirVape Xs vaporizer features a vibration alert system. Simply choose the desired setting and wait for it to buzz in your hand or pocket. The AirVape Xs vape will also vibrate when the unit shuts down, letting you know you’ll need to power back on.”




The Magic Flight Finishing Grinder is made from beautiful sustainable woods. The grinder comes in your choice of Maple, Walnut or Cherry woods.

This new grinder creates the type of micro-fine grind ideal for use in the Launch Box Vaporizer.

It’s intuitive design allows it to perch on top of the bowl of the Box and deposit the ground herbal material directly into your trench for the perfect session each and every time.

This grinder uses a maceration method similar to a cheese grater. The herbal material is pushed against the grinding surface and grated into your trench, resulting in an extremely fine, ideal grind for the MFLB.

We’ve found that this grinder beats out the Magic Flight Nano grinder in terms of grind fineness, and is on par with the super fine grind you would expect from a coffee grinder.

This Wood Grinder carries a Lifetime Warranty and arrives in a stylish felt-lined tin for ease of transport and keeping everything tidy.”

Vapor Nation is a USA based company. They ship FREE within the USA (with some limits) and also Ship Worldwide (not for free). Click on the Banner below to see Vapor Nation’s entire store.