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  1. I was not aware of it that by legalizing the cannabis there will be more job opportunities in this field.I am pro cannabis anyday, so far there has been no side effects from using it and people have been using it for centuries until the government stepped in. I am surprised that Stockton University, NJ offers a class now. I know that in NY you can use the medical marijuana but NJ? Thank you for sharing the information, I will look into the classes. 🙂

    • Thanks for replying here Nuttanee 🙂 I am sure there will be more classes offered in Universities across North America as the general public sees more value in cannabis. Good luck with the classes. 

  2. Good insight into this article. Checking the statistics of how much was spent illegally on marijuana I was surprised and the amount sold in 2018, this really shows that it is the next dream job. As per the requirement to work with Indeed, it is possible that a person with high school certificate with two years horticulture experience can work with them. Thank you. 

    • Thanks Dhayours, if you like working with plants, the cannabis industry might indeed have the dream job for you and many others. No pun intended 🙂 

  3. Marijuana  is one of the best substance in the whole world to me because of its medicinal value it adds to one health coupled with  the cloud 9 trips it also offer that makes one feels fly like one is flying, i love marijuana. Am gonna have to checkout those job offers because having to work on marijuana will really help i tell you.

    thanks for the heads-up  

  4. Hello WHOLEe CANNABIS Emporium

    I did not know it was so big in Canada. I am in Oregon and I also thought that it would be a great state for educating on this subject. Who would have thought that there is not one single college that is willing to teach it. Now I have been thinking it would be a great idea to get into this industry somehow. You have brought a lot of avenues to my attention, thank you. Your website has given me a few more things to research about. I will be back to see more of you posts. Thanks again Kari

    • Hi Kari, thanks for your reply. Yeah, with legalization, many Universities and Colleges are jumping on the ‘bandwagon’. The legal cannabis industry is still basically in it’s infancy, and I’m sure the jobs will multiply. Regarding Oregon, it’s possible they have may some cannabis related classes, but I found that many of the Universities in the US, only had classes that pertained to medical professionals or legal professionals. I avoided those because I felt they were not of much use for training for a new job in the cannabis industry. 

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