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Is Marijuana the Gateway Drug? — 10 Comments

  1. This is a really interesting post and topic. I agree with pretty much everything you said. I especially agree with the part where you said that the reason Marijuana is a gateway drug is because of the accessibility it brings for other, harder drugs. Dealers who sell marijuana often stock other sorts of drugs and it is much easier to be persuaded to get something when it is there in front of you, being sold by an intimidating person. If marijuana was legalised in certain countries, I feel that it would reduce the amount of people going to ‘dealers’ and therefore reduce the gateway that marijuana is said to create.

    Thanks for a great post.

    • Joe ….. just to be clear, this article is actually about my DISAGREEING, that Marijuana is a Gateway drug. Gateway drug refers to the fear or the theory that using Marijuana will lead the user to harder more dangerous drugs due to addiction. I am dis agreeing with that theory or train of thought. Some psychologists believe that if there is indeed a ‘gateway’, its only due to the fact that people are forced to buy from dealers (due to it being illegal), many of whom may offer harder drugs. I think that’s what you are saying too. Thanks for commenting. 

  2. So, am I correct in guessing that you live in Canada?   It didn’t really say on the about me page.    If so, I hope you are thrilled that cannabis is now legal in the country.   

    I live in Colorado.   I pretty much bought into the propaganda against cannabis my entire life.   This year, I made a decision to become better informed.  So, this is the types of articles that I enjoy reading.    I don’t know that I particularly like your analogy of a cocktail being a gateway drink to hard liquor.     As someone that does enjoy drinking, I just can’t seem to have it make sense in my mind.    

    On the other hand, your examples with sugar are excellent.   It also makes me think about what is addiction and what causes addiction.   I am addicted to sugar.   I have friends that are alcoholics and I have seen ravages that alcoholism, a disease, causes.   

    As far as being a marijuana being a gateway drug, as a mom, I tend wonder.  Is marijuana itself the problem?  The gateway?  Or is it the choice of friends that the kid is hanging out with really the problem?    Kids that start smoking cigarettes typically have friends that smoke cigarettes.   Kids that have friends that engage in illegal activities, tend to start engaging in illegal activities with their friends.    As kids get bored, they look for more exciting things to get their thrills.    This is just a theory of course, my theory.  

    • Sondra, yes I am a Canadian 🙂 I am NOT saying that a cocktail leads to hard liquor, the paragraph says this…. “First, what does this mean, gateway drug? Gateway drug is a title given to marijuana, which is considered a ‘soft’ drug, which some people believe can lead a user to harder drugs, more harmful drugs, like heroin or cocaine and others. I find this so hypocritical, it’s like saying that regularily drinking a cocktail (which might have 1/2 an ounce of alcohol) will lead you to more potent alcohol like whiskey and will ultimately turn you into an alcoholic.” 

      What I am saying is that it’s ridiculous and hypocritical to assume that a soft drug leads to a hard drug, like a cocktail to harder liquor. I hope this makes sense?

      It’s a good theory that has been explored by many psychologists, that marijuana has more of a social connection than an additive one. Thanks for checking in Sondra. 

  3. The benefits of hemp and marijuana have been known for sometime, but the government wants to have control over the substance like alcohol so they can tax the heck out of it.It is no more a gateway drug then sugar or tobacco and alcohol but those things are legal.  People can get addicted to anything even food, that does not mean that it should be banned or considered harmful.  Alcohol is much worse for you and can easily impair your judgement.Why is alcohol not considered a gateway drug?The use of alcohol can easily lead to other drugs.

    • Thanks for checking in here Andy. I agree completely, which is exactly why I wrote the article. Governments need to stop preventing their citizens from using whatever plant or food this planet provides. 

  4. Wow. You have done quite a lot of research to come out with such an informative article. You have broken so many myths here. I myself used to consider marijuana as a drug. Seriously! I was not aware of so many uses of it. I used to think it as very addictive. One puff and you are gone! Thanks a lot for the enlightenment.


    • Thanks for commenting! I love that “one puff and you are gone!”. That is unfortunately the belief of many due to the false information pounded into citizens heads since the 1930s. 

  5. Ok, well first off, let me say, “I love, love, love” the video you have here, it is great. I do not currently partake and it has been many years since I have, but I do not think that it should be illegal. I mean, especially since alcohol is legal and, as you point out, much more dangerous. 

    I even skipped over to another post that talked about the Cannabinoid Receptors we have in our bodies. That means we are created to receive cannabinoids, both CB1 and CB2. I am very aware of my body and I am very much about natural health and wellness. I believe that everything that we need to be and stay healthy is in nature. But, that is a whole different post there. 

    Great work and don’t stop. Thank you.  

    • Thank you very much! I will keep on presenting the case of cannabis to my readers, it’s certainly something I am very passionate about. 

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