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  1. I was in the States last year and saw shops selling medical cannabis. So now people will be able to legally smoke dope, grow six plants of marijuana in their garden. If it brings relief to people suffering from pain then I would endorse it. One question what is the long term effects of cannabis?

    • Thanks for checking in Richard. Long term effects..? Cannabis is a plant for healing first most, so short term and long term effects would be better health and healing. For people that smoke cannabis, long term there might be some irritation in the lungs because of the combustion of the act of smoking. However, these days, one can use a vaporizer that heats up the cannabis, releasing the healthy cannabinoids, without the combustion at higher heat that can be irritating. There is no nicotine in cannabis, and there are no additives like found in tobacco cigarettes that are cancer causing and addictive.

  2. Can I say this is what some people want? Growing cannabis can be so difficult but then it is not legal where I stay, but thanks for the tips and information you gave. What part or period of the year do feel one can grow cannabis? I didn’t see it in your article or maybe it skipped my view.

    Thanks for the informative post, Have a nice day

    • Hi Salem, it is everyone’s hope (those that believe in our human right to use any of Earth’s plants freely) that most of the developed world will eventually realize the value of Cannabis. It is every human’s birthright, to be able to grow and use plants for our benefit, whether it be for physical or mental health. Of course, every human should use a potent plant like cannabis, with reasonable care. Just as a little wine is good for the human body, and is relaxing mentally, a lot of wine at one time, can be destructive. 

      I did not mention ‘what part of the year’ is best for growing cannabis because it depends on whether you are going to grow it inside or outside. If you grow cannabis inside, any time of year is fine. If you are planning on growing cannabis outside, then obviously you will have to grow it during the growing season of where you live.  Here in Canada, that would be from May to August generally.  Hope this clarifies it for you. Thanks for checking in Salem. 

  3. I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I think that growing and consuming Marijuana is becoming more and more popular. I have a garden behind the house and I think that it will be a great place to grow it. I would use it primarily for medical reasons as I heard it is a great cure for some diseases. 

    • Hi Daniel, Thank you for checking in. If you are planning on growing a little ‘weed’, behind your house, make sure you are sneaky about it. Some people would be glad to turn in a neighbour to the police for growing cannabis, out of ignorance or out of malice.  The founder of the company I Love Growing Marijuana, has some great tips on growing marijuana, especially regarding security. His opinion, is to ‘tell no one’ about your cannabis grow, friends and family can have ‘loose lips’. 

      As to cannabis being a cure for diseases, there are many who have had cancers disappear after using cannabis oils. Cannabis oils are known, medically, to lessen and in many cases, halt seizures. Legalization is necessary for more research to be done, so myths can be seperated from truth.  Cannabis is indeed a wonderful plant but it cannot heal everything. 

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