FairCannaCare has the lowest price on Marijuana and products of any online store anywhere!  FairCannaCare is not a large store yet they have a good selection of Cannabis products, from FLOWERS, TRIM, KEIF, HASH, PHOENIX TEARS, SHATTER AND GUMMIES.

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FairCannaCare was formed by a group of compassionate minded growers who believe that all Canadians, regardless of income, should have access to Cannabis for their medical needs. Based on that goal, they work hard to deliver quality products at a much lower price per gram than any other dispensary in Canada.

FairCannaCare is currently about 60% lower in pricing on many of their products than other dispensaries.

I am impressed that FairCannaCare is set up to have customer reviews, good and bad, even leaving in the rare reviews from customers with a complaint. Hey you can’t please everyone all of the time, right?

MK Ultra AAA Indica Cannabis flower

Flowers are priced from $2 per gram to $7 per gram. I think you will find that they offer the lowest price on Marijuana buds. Of course the lower priced Marijuana is not top grade but still has medicinal value.

There is no worldwide standard for Grading Marijuana, but the Grading here is based on FairCannaCare’s own standards.

For $2 a gram Grade B- : Chemdaug, Sage and Sour, Sugar Kush

For $3 per gram Grade B : Quantum Kush, Berry OG Kush, Hindu Kush

For $4 per gram Grade B+: Chocolope, Lemon OG, Skywalker OG

For $5 per gram Grade A: Banana Kush, Green Crack, Rockstar

For $6 per gram Grade AA: Bubba OG, Girl Scout Cookies, Purple Kush

For $7 per gram Grade AAA: MK Ultra, and Super Jack

I discovered  their prices for Phoenix Tears are remarkably low too but it does not appear to have been Lab tested so you don’t know what the ratio is for CBD to THC.  However, at $15 per syringe, and very concentrated, it’s very good value.

FairCannaCare image of two THC gummies in Dino forms

FairCannaCare  has added some new items recently which are Gummies infused with THC. They offer two formulations, 50 mg and a 100 mg, also a choice of either the Sativia or Indica strains and  two choices of amounts.

The lower 50 mg in either Sativia or Indica can be purchased in a package of 10 or 20. This works out to $4.30 per gummie in the 10 count package or $3.75 per gummie in the 20 count package.

FairCannaCare is also a distributor of the Flyte brand of Vaporizer kits, complete with Flyte cartridges containing 70% THC oil. The kits sell for $60 each and replacement cartridges for $45 each. The oil comes from strains like Blueberry, Grapefruit Haze, Green Crack, Irish Cream, Mango, Peppermint, Pineapple, Sour Diesel and Tangerine.

Bentley Hash brick

FairCannaCare  has a couple of top quality selections of Hash Bricks- Bentley Hash and Rolex Hash for an unheard of price $7 per gram.  Both selections are prepared without the use of Solvents and come from plants harvested all over British Columbia.

These products are only a portion of the stock found in FairCannaCare’s online store, but it gives you a general idea of what a great deal they are.

Payment and Shipping

Payment is easy through credit card or E Transfers.

Shipping is reasonable between $12 to $36 (depending on where in Canada they have to ship to), For orders $150 and over – Expedited shipping is Free, For orders $300 and over – Xpress Shipping is Free

FairCannaCare also offers a generous 5% discount for Veterans off of already low pricing.

Note- I love that there is no minimum order needed, but it’s definitely better to order $150 worth of product to get the shipping for Free. The first time I personally ordered a product, my shipping cost was more than my product. The second time I ordered, I went with the $150 and got Shipping all paid for. Good Deal!

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cannabis in bloom

Note- Canadian Cannabis products can only be shipped from within Canada to Canadian addresses.

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