For the best hemp oil for pain, Endoca creates CBD capsules, drops, Salves and 99% pure CBD isolate. The Hemp CBD oil extracted is Full spectrum, meaning some of the leaves and stem are used along with the flowers or buds of the plant.

Endoca is a small family run business that has connections to research (Endoca Foundation), and manufactures Hemp oil products from Hemp grown in the Scandinavian regions of Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

Not only are they committed to creating the best quality of CBD, the family of Endoca also puts back some of their profits into research. Endoca has a 5 hectare garden plot in the mountains of Spain, where they grow 1000 varieties of Hemp for research.

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Endoca Hemp CBD products


Endoca Hemp Oil capsules 1500mgEndoca creates Hemp CBD capsules that range in potency from 3% (300mg) or 15% (1500mg), in either a raw Hemp product with no decarboxylation or a Hemp oil (CBD) that has been decarboxylated to activate the CBDa to a CBD form.

I recently contacted them through their chat function because I had a question regarding the process of extraction. Endoca does not use heat to extract the oils from their whole plant extraction but some products (like the product to your right) are decarboxylated after the extraction to convert the CBDa to CBD.

Endoca full spectrum hemp oil concentrateEndoca also creates a very potent full spectrum Hemp oil paste or concentrate. It is similar to other CBD concentrates in potency but has the added advantage of being full spectrum, from the whole plant (flowers,leaves and smaller stems).

They have a very detailed description of the advantages of using a whole product. Endoca offers a Raw Hemp 20% paste and a Decarboxylated Hemp 20% paste. These two products are thick because they contain all the natural waxes that are found in the plant.

A third choice of concentrate is listed as Raw Hemp and has a whopping 30% potency, but after cold extraction, it under goes a heated filtering that removes the waxes and chlorophyl. The result is a much lighter product, more liquid like liquid honey, better tasting too.

Hemp body butter 15% CBDEndoca has a conditioning cream that is high in CBD 15%, that could be used to heal cracked and dry skin or rubbed in to sore joints and muscles. There is also a lower CBD Salve at 7.50% CBD which is made for rashes, small wounds etc., used as you would any other medicinal salve.

Endoca also carries a liquid dropper full spectrum Hemp oil. This product is potent and is especially great for people that don’t like the strong taste of the Hemp oil pastes or can’t swallow the capsules.

Endoca Hemp oil dropsHemp oil drops are 50% Hemp seed oil, mixed with full spectrum Hemp CBD oil. I recommend the 1500 mg or 15% potency for medicinal uses. Each drop contains 5 mg of CBD potency.

I won’t cover all their products here, but only the most potent and best hemp oil for pain.   They also have suppositories containing a low amount of CBD, a chewing gum, also low amount of CBD and then a very high 99% Isolate crystals product.

The Isolate is a concentrate that you can use to vape in the appropriate vaporizer, add to butter in order to use in edibles, mix with a carrier oil to make your own skin creams etc. or you can also place a couple of grains under your tongue for medicinal use.

Endoca has a very complete knowledge base and has an open chat box in case you have questions!


If you are ordering from Europe (or other countries), Endoca will ship from within Europe. If you are ordering from the USA, your products will be shipped from their US based warehouse in Washington State.

Regarding Canada, they are willing to ship to Canada but at the present time all Cannabis products (Hemp and Marijuana) are NOT LEGAL to ship across the border. You can take your chances, as some people say they have no problems shipping any hemp product into Canada.

It’s recently passed our Canadian parliament and will officially be legal in October 2018. However, it remains to be seen how it will be treated at the border customs.

I suggest you read the Terms and Conditions page carefully for shipping information, refunds etc. If you have any questions, use the Chat 🙂

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