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Dependent vs Addicted, what’s the difference? — 4 Comments

  1. A great description of dependent verses addiction. I would say both are very similar to each other because dependency leads to addiction. Having worked with people who were dependent upon pain meds, it was easy to see how they were addicted.

    The mind is a crazy thing if it thinks it can’t do without something, than that something becomes a necessity for it. Cannabis is a highly addicting drug, at least in my view it. Although there are some who can break free of it, yet the dependency of it will always be there in the back of their mind.

    • Jagi, the point of the article is to point out the differences between dependance and addiction. Dependance DOES NOT lead to ADDICTION where Marijuana is concerned, except in a very small percentage. The addiction percentages are much higher with prescription drugs and the hard core illegal drugs like Cocaine, Heroine etc. Marijuana is actually used by Doctors to break an addict off of hard drugs and addicting prescriptions like Opiates.  Opiates are much more addicting, yet Doctors prescribe it like ‘candy’ in hospitals and clinics. Thanks for checking in. 

  2. I used to take prednisone for my rheumatoid arthritis and I can confirm what you said – based on my experience. If you stop it suddenly (which I did by mistake), you start feeling like crazy. In my case, the joint pain got back even stronger. Once I took the regular dose, things got back to normal.

    What do you think about using cannabis (CBD) oil for joint pain? I heard many people saying it works. Is there any chance of dependence? 

    • Ashley, I use CBD for joint pain and so do two other close family members. I can attest that it works. Dependance is always there, no matter what you take. Your body will come to depend on the healing or the ‘crutch’ that you give it, hence the word ‘dependance’ 🙂 The advice for taking any supplement is to start ‘low and slow’. When damage in your body is permanent, the best thing you can do is to take a supplement like cannabis (Hemp or Marijuana) to relieve inflammation and pain.

       If you start off too strong, the worst that can happen will be some detoxing symptoms (upset stomach, headache, diahrea etc). Cannabis will not injure you, will not kill you, you can’t say that about many of the medicines that Doctors prescribe. The inflammation and subsequent pain in one of my knees was so bad this Spring, that I could not walk. Cannabis oil has been my lifeline. I walk without any aids, no braces, no pain, unless I forget to take my CBD oil too many days in a row.  Yes, I actually forget to take my daily CBD oil because there has been so much healing regarding inflammation. Many blessings to you, I hope you find the same healing. 

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