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Nova decarboxylation device

Decarboxylation can be done in a variety of ways, see my Post on Why should Marijuana be decarboxylated first? 


The best way for a personal consumer of Cannabis to decarboxylate their supply of medicinal or recreational Marijuana buds is with a device like Nova.  The Nova has been Lab tested for utmost efficiency.

Sure you can try some of the methods out there, using your oven, pressure cooker, water bath method or even microwave. Some of those methods might decarboxylate your cannabis properly, depending on the user’s attention to detail… or not.

When done incorrectly, cannabis users wind up burning off the healthy CBDs and may have converted the THC to CBN. This further results in a product that will be inaccurate when figuring out correct dosages.

Home methods do not have Laboratories to test their product, to see how well their buds have been decarboxylated.

The team behind the Nova, have tested it rigorously, so you know that every bit of Cannabiniods in your Marijuana (using the Nova) has converted as far as it is possible to convert. Cannabis is not exactly cheap, so why would you waste any part of it by using methods that produce inferior results?


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