is a one of the BIGGEST  sources for buying Marijuana in Canada. Situated in Beautiful British Columbia, Coast to Coast sources all their Cannabis products from licensed brokers and suppliers. You can click on the image banner below to go directly to their online store or you can keep reading and click on the image at the bottom.



Coast to Coast Medicinals

Check out this beautiful  legitimate mail order marijuana store for basically everything Cannabis related!

For example, Marijuana flowers stock consists of  Ambrosia, Black Willie CBD, Blue Cheese, Chemo, Hindu Kush, Pineapple Chunk, Ice Cream, Russian Doll, White Widow, Romulan, and  Shishkaberry and others… and then there are joints, blunts and cannagars already prepared for you to smoke. Not into smoking? Coast to Coast has vapes too, a small selection, but they have them.

This store is HUGE so I am only going to be able to touch on some of their products. 

Cannabis flower sample pack of four grams


Their main categories are Edibles, Concentrates, Capsules, Topicals, Vapes, Pets, CBD (products), Marijuana (flowers), Value Packs, and 420 Sale items. Under those main categories are many more sub categories, the Edibles alone have aprox. 25 categories!

I have never seen so many Cannabis infused products in one place! Check this out for Baked Goods….Brownies, Monster cookies, Rice Crispy squares, chocolate dunked Oreo cookies just to name a few!

Candies of many kinds like sweet and sour, caramels, hard candy and gummies…

cannabis infused chocolate peanut butter cups


Oh and don’t make me tell you about the chocolates!!!! I just can’t go there as I love chocolate but alas I’m allergic to chocolate!! I’m going to skip ahead to the Topicals to take my mind off chocolate…. ok I’ll just throw in a picture of ONE of their chocolate products here.

Topicals from Coast to Coast vary from CBD derived from Hemp to pain relieving lotions and oils made from THC derived from Marijuana. It’s a small but effective selection of pain relieving products. There are also a few products to enhance physical sensations for more intimate situations (if you get my meaning).

bottle of 300 mg strength CBD for dogs

In the Capsules category, Coast to Coast has a huge selection of capsules in various formulations of CBD, THC and combinations of these. You either buy the capsules in smaller amounts or in bulk.

In the Pets category, Coast to Coast has some dog treats infused with CBD, and the rest of the products are tincture strengths of 120 mg and 300 mg for pets (dogs and cats) in bacon and seafood flavours. One of the tinctures at a strength of 250 mg, is labelled for horses and has a apple cinnamon flavour.

Cannabis Moon rocks

The Concentrates category has a number of sub categories like Shatter, Rosin, Hash, Kief, Distillates, Moon Rocks, Budder and Oils. CBD and THC products. Quite a collection I can tell you.

Their CBD category is a collection of primarily CBD products, some have small amounts of THC though. I was surprised to see a Marijuana flower listed there that had mostly CBD. The flower called Midnight, is a strain from Israel that was bred  for medicinal CBD content. There is also a Hash called Rene Blonde  that has a 16 to 1 percentage of CBD to THC and one called Catatonic Blonde hash with THC below 6%.

Cannabis infused intimacy product collection

The other CBD products range from Tinctures, CBD oils, pure CBD isolate, some Candies, a couple of CBD baked edibles, soap, and others.

The last two categories are savings related, with one called Value Packs (products in bundles) and the last one is 420 Sales where you can find products marked down as low as 50% off from time to time.

Coast to Coast Shipping is super fast, but you choose the shipping method and therefore the shipping costs. Expedited, Xpress Post, Xpress Post w/signature, and Purolator, costs from $16.95 to $42 depending on size of package.

Shipping is free (Expedited Post) for orders $250 Canadawide. Make sure you read their Shipping information and related information.

For the Edible Baked Goods Page or  to enter the Coast to Coast store, Click on photo below⇓

Cannabis infused dark chocolate cookies


Note- Canadian Cannabis products can only be shipped from within Canada to Canadian addresses.


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