Just as the name implies, CannaWholesalers, deals in Marijuana in both small and larger quantities.

“We formed as an industry of cannabis growers who exclusively sold to those that owned marijuana related businesses such as dispensaries, online mail orders and concentrate production labs.

As time progressed and more demand came from our purchasers, we decided the most efficient way to continue growing our operation was to open our customer base not only exclusively to businesses, but to all those who seek to save money on bigger purchases as well. We have come up as one of the Best Cannabis Dispensary in Canada.

Currently with over 80+ Facilities in British Columbia, we carry the largest varieties of Cannabis and have the most consistent rotation of strains. So don’t worry about your favourite strains disappearing after you get a taster!”

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flowering marijuana plant

During the process of looking for reliable online suppliers of Cannabis, I noticed that there were always a lot of ‘Out of Stock’ notices in the catalogs of others. Not so with this one!

CannaWholesalers are obviously well stocked for I did not see a single out of stock mention on any of their listings. Cannawholesalers has a total of 58 cannabis flower listings and have divided them up into Indica, Sativa and Hybrids selections to make it easier for you.

The smallest amount of Flower is 2 Grams, for $15.00 which is pretty good ($7.50 per gram). The discounts get larger as you order a larger volume.

The quality grades do not dip below AA+ and go as high as AAAA+

For example, a new strain in their stock, KushBerry is listed as $1250.00 for one whole pound of flower. This works out to 454 grams. $1250.00 divided by 454 equals $2.75 per gram (if my Math is correct). Kushberry is one of their AA+ grades.

Kush Berry flower

If you’re more interested in mixing it up a bit, you can do that too. CannaWholesaler has discounts for volume on mixing flowers.

Mix & Match Flowers

20% off 2 or more ounces – 10% off 2 or more 1/4 lbs

35% off 3 or more ounces – 15% off 3 or more 1/4 lbs

45% off 8 or more ounces

Cannawholesalers also has a small selection of CBD and THC edibles including capsules. What I really like is the choices they give you for percentages of CBD to THC ratios.

As someone who’s very sensitive to THC, I prefer the high CBD and extremely low THC products. CannaWholesaler has me covered there with Vape kits, Gummies and capsules

The Vape kits are by Flyte, a well known and respected brand (recently bought by Keyy). You can choose Three varieties in the high THC oils or Two varieties in the high CBD oils. They appear to be out of the Charlotte’s Web oil at this time which is 8 parts CBD to 1 part THC , but there is a One to One Harlequin and a zero THC (Mint) to choose from. The vape kits only use purified vaping oil.

Flyte Vape Pen Kit

While the selection is small for edibles, accessories and concentrates, CannaWholesalers real specialty is in high selection of Flowers and in Volume.

Shipping and Payment

CannaWholesalers ships in secure and discrete packaging. Shipping is included if your order is over $100. CannaWholesalers ships via Xpress Post by Canada Post.

Payment is via a Bank Transfer through Interact E Transfers or Bitcoin. If you’ve never done an E Transfer, it’s super easy. CannaWholesaler has a short little video in their FAQ section on doing E Transfers.

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sample pack of cannabis from CannaWholesalers


Note- Canadian Cannabis products can only be shipped from within Canada to Canadian addresses.

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