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Canna Pet is a company devoted to growing hemp and producing some of the best CBD oil for pets.  By Pets, I mean all pets including horses.  Canna Pet has their own state of the art Labratory, where products are developed. Canna Pet’s product line is three basic products-capsules, tinctures and bisquits.

The CBD oil is extracted from Hemp that is grown on organic US soil and extracted in US labratories. The oils are full spectrum, not from isolate, and are certified organic.

Now I want to say, before you get excited about checking out these unique Hemp products, they are not available to Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Singapore. Otherwise, Canna Pet claims to ship worldwide. As Canada in particular, legalized Cannabis this year 2018 on October 17, it also includes Hemp.

However, Canada still has strict laws regarding Hemp, and have not totally relaxed the laws regarding importing CBD from Hemp INTO Canada. I think it’s ridiculous, but I am sure the laws will relax over time. I will let you know when these restrictions change for the better.

If you are a Canadian, check out the cannabis sources on this site under the Heading of Canada. Many of these Canadian on line stores have a product line for Pets. All of them have both Hemp and Marijuana products. 

Canna Pet has formulations of CBD oil for cats, dogs and horses, and of those, there are two different strengths too. In the bisquits, Canna Pet only has them for dogs,  and each bisquit has a whopping 80 mg of activated Hemp oil. Activated means decarboxylated essentially.

package of Canna Pet Maple Bacon hemp bisquitspackage of Canna Pet Turkey flavoured hemp bisquitspackage of Canna Pet Peanut Butter flavour hemp bisquitsbottle of Canna Pet liquid CBD oil from Hemp

Canna Pet has two formulations of CBD Hemp oils for Dogs and Cats (can be used for other small pets too like rabbits, hamsters etc.)

In capsule form….Canna Pet Advanced has 170 mg of activated Hemp oil per capsule and Canna Pet Advanced Max has 510 mg per capsule.

In liquid form… Canna Pet Advanced Max has ??? mg per 0.1mg which is 2-3 drops. I asked the company how many mg of CBD are in this dose but they would not tell me. According to their support staff, the liquid version is pending it’s patent and the FDA will not allow them to post the CBD content.

What they can say is this…. “Our Advanced MaxHemp products offer 15X the effective hemp to your pet because of their unique formulation and delivery.” There you have it.

Canna Pet also has a specific product for Horses, however, due to the cost, I would not recommend it for long term use.

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Hemp nutrition for Happy Healthy Pets


Free shipping within the USA. International shipping cost are calculated in the shopping cart, with the exception of Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Singapore.

Canna Pet has an Auto Shipping option, that saves you money. You can choose having a product shipped out to you automatically every 2 weeks or once a month.

30 Day Satisfaction guarantee on their products so you can be assured that they stand behind their products.