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Canada is now the first G7 Nation to legalize Marijuana for both medicinal and recreational use. October 17 2018 will go down in the history books as a long awaited freedom for Cannabis.

We are living in exciting times!  Gradually, all who can benefit from the health improving effects of both Hemp or Marijuana, will have access to the various products made from these plants.

Right now, there is not enough product in licensed dispensaries to supply every one. This will change with time.

In terms of Hemp production, China is presently in first place, Europe second place, Canada in third place, in growing and producing  products in hemp. Europe has been shipping hemp products internationally for many years, while other countries are only recently relaxing their laws to allow this.

I, as a Canadian,  would rather see more civilized and developed countries leading the way in growing Hemp and ultimately Marijuana, than a country like China that is infamous for pollution and it’s often inhumane treatment of their own people. The fact that China sees enormous value in growing Hemp, should be a signal to the world to get on the same ‘boat’.

Some countries allow the sale of Hemp or Marijuana products within their borders but not internationally. On this site, you will find links to suppliers separated by categories such as Canada, USA, UK, Europe and there may be more later on.

I will make a point of reviewing all of these sources so you will know if they ship internationally or just within their own borders.

You, the reader, are legally and morally responsible for your own choices and decisions regarding the information and Cannabis sources found here.

If you are new to the whole world of Cannabis…

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